Ну что, новости довольно интересные :)
Ждать ещё порядочно, но тем не менее. Господа из Final Chakra, объявили что умудрились позвать в наши европейские задворки Astrix, и это пожалуй событие.
Происходить всё будет в Rock Cafe, что вызывает у меня лёгкий диссонанс. Но с другой стороны кто его знает, задекорят и вперёд :) Главное в этом деле — хороший звук. Надеюсь что организаторы не подкачают.

В общем рекомендую посетить, у нас достаточно редко бывают серьёзные музыканты, так что далеко не рядовая тусовочка по идее :)
До встречи, 6го февраля, в субботу.
Ниже я приведу оригинальный анонс и ссылку на страницу мероприятия в Facebook. Следите за обновлениями на ней!

A true legend of trance music — ASTRIX — for the first time in Tallinn! After his phenomenal gig this summer in Pärnu @ Weekend Festival, we are proud to have him back with special 2 hour performance that will definitely make you fly!

+ Milla Lehto / C.A.T. (FIN)

✪ MILLA LEHTO (ACES / BASS GAME /Pussy eau de Club)

✪ C.A.T (Full On Generation / BASS GAME)

+ EE (FIN)

✪ EE (Full On Generation/FINRG Rec.)

+ Unitone (RUS)

✪ UNITONE (Vertigo rec)

+ Extrasystols (EST)

✪EXTRASYSTOLS (Final Chakra/Pacilistrica Sounds)

TempleCreations (LT)

ASTRIX (Israel) Avi Shmailov, aka Astrix, is at the front line of the production industry, as an appreciated and leading dj and producer, whose life is divided between constant studio work and non-stop touring around the globe. With a seniority of over a decade and more than a 1000 concerts all over the world, he continues to star in the leading festivals such as EDC Vegas, Burning Man, Escape From Wonderland, Beyond Wonderland and Summer Music Festival (USA), SW4 and BoomTown Fair (UK), Tomorrowland (Belgium), OZORA (Hungary), Psy Fi and Dance Valley (Netherlands), Weekend Festival (Finland & Estonia), Airbeat One (Germany), Tomorrowland, Tribe & XXXperience (Brazil), Emmaboda (Sweden), Inox (France), BAT (Argentina) and the world’s top dance clubs such as Brixton Academy, Ministry of Sound, O2 Arena, Pacha, Privilege, Exchange, Avalon, AgeHa and many more.
Astrix broke into global consciousness in 2002 with his debut album ‘Eye to Eye’, defining him as a trance music anthems producer. In 2004, he released his second album ‘Artcore’, igniting fire all over the global trance scene and is considered by many as the perfect trance album. The album’s effect was followed in 2005 by the impressive entry to the world’s top 100 DJs list of the famous Dj Magazine, where he took the respectful climb to the 18th position in 2007. His third album ‘Red Means Distortion’ was released in 2010 and since then he continues to release many tracks on various compilations and digital ep’s to delighted fans, who according to his Facebook page are over 800,000 and going on strong

6. veebruar 2016
Club Rock Cafe

Age limit +18 / Doors 22:00
25€ / VIP 35€ (piiratud koguses)
35€ / VIP 45€
Tickets in Piletilevi:…

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