Fuluf — Psychedelic Soundscapes (June 2014)

Taavi замутил новый сет :) Описание авторское:

Hello again.

Time for the next monthly mixtape.

There is no May mixtape because I was in the woods for 2 weeks and in the end I had exams in the University.

1. Desert Dwellers — Snake Charmer (Shakahatchi solo) [desertdwellers.org/]
2. Globular — You, The Progenitor [Mikelabella]
3. J.P. Illusion — Look Above [Mikelabella]
4. Seamoon — Moonkaba [Merkaba]
5. Slackbaba — The Wanderer [Mystic Sound]
6. Desert Dwellers — Wandering Sadhu (Suduaya remix) [desertdwellers.org/]
7. Expedizion & Sixis — Awakening World [Merkaba]
8. Condensspur — Inversio [Cyan Music]
9. Desert Dwellers — Lotus Heart (Kalya Scintilla remix) [kalyascintilla.bandcamp.com/]
10. Hol Baumann — Radio Bombay (Live edit) [Ultimae]
11. CJ Catalizer — Across the Universe [Altar]
12. Astronaut Ape — Your Personal Moon [Trimutri]

Happy listening :)

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