Dear followers!
We are glad to inform you all bout next happening!

Manatargaq-Spectrum series continues in fresh place-


Which appeared in Tallinn and became quite popular, due to very cosy atmosphere and off course pretty keen Sound system ;)

There’re a couple of surprises, prepared for Yours pleasure this time:

We all exist in world of sounds, so the first surprise is a guest who reflects his inner world in audio format-

«KAIKU» Live set Finland

«Kaiku» is a new project of musician who’s been around scene for a while and is known under name Scooterbaba.

But the world exists of visuals as well :) And our next surprise is a person who makes us see and believe-

Freetranceform Design RU

Local scene heroes:

more to come…

Be unique and make as happy as we do, follow Spectrum Dresscode, be ORANGE ;)

Participation fee:
6€ in ORANGE dresscode according to Spectrum color
6€ with flyer all night long
6€ without flyer till 24:00, 8€ after.

Age: 18+
Don’t forget your ID.
-Use of any illegal substances is forbidden!
-Practice responsibility for your actions ;)

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