FOREST CHILD // Otherland // Club Sound


In a land far-far away, there is a magical forest under the surface of the ground. Oh, how wonderful it is… Who’ve seen and experienced all the colourfullness, are still telling stories about it. The woods are reigned by musical wizards, elves, fairies and gnomes. Oh, how they make people dance… They make them forget about the world that is out there somewhere, all what has been and what will come. The portal to the magical forest opens once again really-really soon! The caterpillar on the mushroom whispered, that the rulers of the forest would be greatly happy to welcome you in neon green and orange colours…

On the 15th of February will be full moon! All the trees and stones, plants and mushrooms will come to life, everything usually invisible to human eyes will appear. The little creatures who hide in the woods will come out to celebrate with the residents of the forest and travellers from afar to witness the magic of the night.

You are guided and danced through the forest by:

Sonic Chakras Rec./Medulla Oblongata (Denmark)

Moon Station Records

Chaotic Dimension




Decorations by Roma Voodoo

Ticket: 8€, with flyer 6€
Age limit 18+

Saturday, February 15, 2014
From 10:00pm until 7:00am


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