Sounds of Aliens 8 @ 29 October Tallinn


Time has come to activate a new cosmic gate.
A special edition of Sounds of Aliens with 2 portals to divine dimensions.

We are also having a farewell party to our fellow earth aliens:
Psyfreak & Uhvo =) Bon voyage !!!

EAST portal activates at 21:30-06:00 earth/h;
(NARVA mnt 5; damage 100.-)
LINEUP in light side: (Ambient-Progressive-GOA-Night-on-Forest)

Luminexia [LIVE](Sunstation Rec.)(RUS)

Kolibriscope (FIN)
Anadarama (EE)

WEST portal activates 06:30-∞ cosmic/h
(Location & info t.b.a. at 1st portal)
LINEUP in dark side: (Dark-Psy-Forest)

Roma Voodoo
& more

Deco by DMT team (support by Psytisfaction)

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Deco by DMT team (support by Psytisfaction)

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