Psyrise open air party, EST, Aug 2010

Из за множества всякой разной суматохи, чуть не забыл написать про очень скорый эвент

Peipus Lake, Kallaste, Estonia
Liiva 1a
Kallaste, Estonia

Imagine yourself in a very friendly open air festival dancing on the sandy beach for two days!
Imagine dancing under the summer skies to the fantastic Psychedelic Trance given by unique selection of DJs from the different countries.
Imagine yourself chilling on sunny unspoilt sandy beach!
This is Psyrise.
See you there!

PRICE: 100 EEK or 6 EUR

Confirmed Lineup:
Parasense Live [Bom Shanka Rec]
Unitone [SunStation Rec]
Portal Protection Live [Arcona Creation Rec]
Max Crystal [Vertigo Records]
Kytaez [PsyRise]
Mickey [PsyRise]
Speaking Robot [Planetarium Group]
Voodoo [Planetarium Group]
Cucb [Planetarium Group]
Lynx [Planetarium group]
Zitron [Trimurti Festival]
Psyfreak [Sounds of Aliens]
Goarynych [Transgress]
Andy Dragon
Pruzinkin [Cosmogen]

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