TRITOLI psychedelic gathering 05.06.2010



The long awaited time of heat and sun. Take a trip to the light with the rhythms of psychedelic trance.

Magic Fungus [LIVE] (Swamp Tales/D-A-R-K rec.) LT

Atman [DJ set] (Swamp Tales) LT
Psyhest (Sounds of Aliens)
Pruzinkin (Deep Press)
Cycb (Planetarium)
Lunar (Planetarium)
Voodoo (Planetarium)

Chill out
Agni (Chillum tribe/
Jugar (Chillum tribe/
Psyfreak (Sounds of Aliens)
Ethnospace (3rd planet)
Beo (3rd planet)

Fluoro deco RomaVoodoo and friends

Trip to: 75 eek )))
Location: ArtCafe — Pärnu mnt 18

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  1. Mtg:

    Would it be possible to get permission to use some of your entries on forums with a link back?

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