15.12.12. Telliskivi Loomelinnak
22:00- ;)
There are few very special and exclusive things to be presented for your pleasure this time:
Most markable is a set of very famous guest from United Kingdom, the man who is the root of electronic music himself, been producing dance music since 1988. Founder of many conceptual events in early 90’s, father of collective “Out of Our Depth” ( Mister Steve Callaghan!!!
All scenery is totally developed by Manatargaq crew, especially for this event. For the fi
rst time, Sound system will be set as sacred column and exclusively decorated by our guest from Finland- “Synchronometrica”. Other spaces decorated by our locals- Voodoo & Chillum Tribe.
Two video screens, located on two opposite sidewalls of venue, making you feel
out of body and space. Faze drives video.
Masquerade shall have stunning performance show, delivered by friends of ours “Shiva Space Dance”, «Markiz» & guests from Helsinki-“Mood for Hoop & M(E)ow”. Collective uses high-end LED pois, hoops and their fabulously plastic bodies to bring magic in the world!

Please pay attention on your exterior ;) there will be lots of black-light, so be colorful & bright!

Second stage runs Techno rhythms this time!
GlitchfXXX, SHISHYA (Fin) are the main shamans of this drum-kit.
Supported by Joy Unjoyer (Tehnofoobia).
Visuals are by slide artist Yus.

Chill-out as well!

Chai shop with delicious sweets.
Event equipped with bar, so don’t bring your drinks ;)

Location: Telliskivi 60A, Tallinn.
Telliskivi Loomelinnak, «A» building, 4-th floor.
Same place as it was for «Manatargaq-Tree of life»

Intrance: Masquerade dress-code-8 Eur.
Casual-10 Eur.
Age 18+
Don’t forget your ID.
We remain the right to select guests @ gates.
Be kind, don’t pollute others & remember about respect!
Let’s take care about good atmosphere, as it always is on our events ;)

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