The infinity was created.
It became aware and evolved, from vibration of sound to energy of love,
which then expanded to different distortions, following the law of free will,
blessing us with ecstatic experience called life…

…music, art, science, spirituality,
creation, society, love and infinity.

We invite you to leave all your fears and dogmas,
to free your divine spirit and combine it all together to connect to collective consciousness, through awareness and state of trance.

Join us this summer in a beautiful South-Estonian nature and
participate in a creation of the future.

Through inner light to outer space.

∞ ∞ ∞

There will be 5 portals to altered states of consciousness:

Shamanic Portal (Neo Shamanic Trance)
Divine Portal (Cosmic Ambient & Intelligent Dance Music)
Dance Temple (Progressive Electronic Dance Music)
Healing Area (Spiritual Healing Techniques – practise & introductions)
Gate to Awareness (Scientist and philosophers giving lectures and video interviews. Documentary cinema at night time)

Workshops (Poi, hoola-rõngas etc)
Drumming circle

Food (healthy vegetarian food, grill for meat lovers, superfoods & munchies)
Drinks (alcohol & non-alcohol)

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