Equinox in Wonderground — 17-19 September

DMT Team in a collaboration with Acid Guerilla rtd. presents:

Equinox in Wonderground

Independent alternative Openair gathering


Our mission is to spread the energy of light & love. Our aim is a new better world to everyone. We are the «Warriors of Light». spreading the energy of love among the «Dark side» The great war of the era is ending and final conclusive battles are ahead. Time is running out and our mission is now more important than ever been before. We are calling all of you, to join with us in a gathering of the light, in a beautiful and magnificent mother nature, to unite our energy with the universe, music, love, Oneness and Allness. Join the Force of Light and help us great a better world to everyone !!!

Fundamental expectancy:

The warrior must maintain his faith in his beliefs, even as the social or political climate shifts and alters. He must be patient, must act in a manner that may at times seem irrational or illogical, must resist the temptations of instant gratification, and must work towards fulfilling what may seem to be an impossible… idea.


ૐ 48h of non-stop music wanderings
ૐ 2 Main music portals to higher dimensions + Chillout area/areas for relaxing
ૐ aporx. 20 Artists/DJs

ૐ Food/Drinks
ૐ Warm tents
ૐ Rain protections


aprox. styles:

From Full-On Psy-Trance through Dark psychedelic Forest to powerful Cosmic Ambient
From Drum and Bass through Break Core to Drum Core, etc.
From Atmospheric DnB through Minimal Techno to Psygressive
From Electro thorugh Techno to Hard-Tech & Free Tekno
All in One divine exctasy of Union !!!


ૐ Cosmik Fool — DJ/LIVE — FIN
ૐ Mind Confusion Alert — LIVE — EE — soundcloud.com/mihkel
ૐ Andy Dragon — EE
ૐ Skacha Chacha — EE (Acid Guerilla rtd.)
ૐ Cervezafa — EE
ૐ Psyfreak — EE — (DMT)
ૐ Psyhest — EE — (DMT)
ૐ Flex — EE (PingPang)
ૐ Slammin — EE
ૐ Maiasmokk — EE
ૐ Suki — EE
ૐ Fractal — EE
ૐ DND — EE
ૐ Radical — EE — (DMT)
ૐ Skiso — EE — (DMT)
ૐ Zakk Soda-Pop — AUT
ૐ Output — EE


Drop out and Tune in !


Beautiful place in South-Estonia. (Võrumaa, Haanja Vald, Plaani Küla) aprox. 300km from Tallinn.



It’s a long ride from Tallinn, so please lets fill all the cars. If anyone has an empty place in car, please contact us and take some1 with you who can help to pay for gas.

Also, if u manage to get to Võru by yourself, we will pick you up and bring you to an event =)


With Love,
your Equinox team ! =)

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